Whitepaper - Cutting Dredge

Cutting (Dr)edge Technology
Loggers developed an innovative air suspension solution for one of the most powerful and innovative cutter suction dredgers in the world, the CSD Athena. Loggers solution for the deck house of this dredger is based on tailor made air springs, isolating vibrations and shock when cutting in rock and increasing the level of comfort on the ship.

Whitepaper - Exhausting Vibrations

Exhaust(ing) Vibrations
Craftsmanship is essential when engineering large inland vessels such as bunker tankers. For instance, for the exhaust line thermal contractions and expansions need to be taken into account, as well as vibrations originating from the engine. Loggers flexible exhaust line solution, LEXSYS®, is used for the suspension of the world’s largest bunker tanker.

Whitepaper - Greenhouse effect

The Greenhouse Effect
A Dutch greenhouse experienced annoying noise and vibrations caused by the generator set used for the greenhouse’s power supply. With Loggers in-depth knowledge of vibration isolation the working conditions improved substantially.

Whitepaper - Offshore Crew Comfort

Offshore Crew Comfort
When an offshore gas treatment platform in the North Sea was being upgraded, Loggers was consulted to isolate annoying noise and vibrations in the living quarters of the platform. The developed solution isolates almost all of the vibrations in these accommodations.

Whitepaper - Raising the bar

Raising The Bar
Many production companies are combining their office and production area in one building. Due to the construction of the industrial cranes in the production hall, the noise and vibrations caused by the cranes lead to nuisance in the office area of the building. Loggers developed a solution that isolates noise and vibration caused by operating industrial cranes significantly.