Vibration Control Services

Many industries have to deal vibration challenges, some of which are typical. The activities and the equipment involved, determine the nature and level of vibration nuisance. There often is no generic isolation solution at hand, and when there is, it usually is far from optimal. Development of specific vibration solutions, requires a thorough approach, market and regulatory knowledge, technical know-how and software tools.

Loggers’ vibration specialists of the Center Of Excellence provide clients relief by picking up these vibration challenges, so the client is able to focus on his business objectives. Their Solution Development Methodology (SDM) helps them achieve the most optimal solution that meets all client requirements. It relies on standardization, experience in previous projects and various technical capabilities.


Loggers vibration control services include on site assessment of the situation, vibration analysis through calculations and simulations and engineering of the eventual solution. Supported by advanced equipment and the proprietary VibrationLabTM software, our specialists come up with the optimal solution for every vibration challenge.