Twistlock Isolation

Personnel on offshore platforms are often facing vibration challenges caused by modular and skid based units. These vibrations are transmitted throughout the steel structure and may result in unforeseen damage or failure. In addition, these vibrations affect the living and working environments of offshore workers. This will eventually have a negative effect on the production, as poor working conditions often lead to inefficiency, a decrease of morale on the platform and incompliance with working conditions and safety regulation.

As vibration isolation specialist Loggers has already successfully applied her innovative EvoLo® vibration mounts in various market segments. In the offshore industry many permanent offshore units are isolated against vibration with the EvoLo® 633. However, the standard EvoLo® 633 vibration mount can not be used in this case, as modular and skid based units must be secured safely whilst their deployment remains flexible.

The EvoLo® 633 TwistLock is the result of the combination of our excellent knowhow on vibration isolation, high quality products and innovative capabilities. The EvoLo® 633 TwistLock has all the benefits of easy and quick installation of the TwistLock widely used in the offshore market, combined with the perfect vibration isolation qualities of the EvoLo®633 vibration mount. It is the ideal vibration isolator for modular and skid based units, as it protects the offshore unit from dangerous and annoying vibrations transmitted to and originating from the platform.

Loggers’ EvoLo® 633 TwistLock improves the safety by protecting the unit and structure against hazardous and inconvenient vibrations. In addition, it substantially increases working and living conditions on the offshore platform similar to our solutions for permanent offshore units. The business benefits are legion: increased efficiency, an improved morale and compliance with offshore working conditions and safety regulation.