The world is changing and facing many social, cultural and environmental challenges. Loggers takes responsibility for the consequences of her activities and decisions for people, the environment and society.

To limit the company’s negative impact on the environment as far as possible Loggers focuses on the reduction of the management of waste flows, more sustainable procurement as well as taking numerous initiatives to be as environmental friendly as possible. A sustainable planet can not be achieved in isolation. Loggers’ vision on sustainability inspires and encourages employees to act responsibly in both their individual as collective actions.

Loggers focuses its corporate activities on long term value creation in three dimensions: people, planet and profit. In that vision, some of Loggers operations are being prepared to be ISO 14001 accredited. The ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard setting out effective Environmental Management System (EMS) with a balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact. It is our objective that most of the Loggers operations will be ISO 14001 certified in the coming years. In addition, Loggers has set a series of objectives including defining the “green” products in our product portfolio to enable sustainable growth, helping clients to achieve their sustainability goals as well.