Solutions for compliance with new IMO Noise Code

During its 91st session in November 2012, IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) adopted a number of amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

Among these amendments was the adoption of the new SOLAS regulation II-1/3-12, which requires ships to be constructed to reduce on-board noise and to protect personnel from noise. This code sets out mandatory noise level limits for machinery spaces, workshops, control rooms, accommodation and other spaces on board. It supersedes the previous, non mandatory, code adopted by the IMO in 1981.

The new noise code has entered into force July 1st, 2014. In today’s press release Loggers underlines their capabilities in solving noise compliance issues fleet owners, shipbuilders and –designers are now confronted with. The new mandatory noise limit levels may no longer be achieved by applying traditional rubber-based vibration isolators. However, with decades of experience and innovation in amongst others the area of both elastomeric as our patented air suspension solutions, Loggers already developed numerous noise and vibration solutions that meet the strict requirements long before the new code became effective. Please refer to the full press release for more information. The press release is available for download here.