Sensitive Equipment

Too often sensitive equipment arrives at its destination unusable due to transport incidents. Repair, recalibration or even complete replacement can be necessary to take the equipment or system into service. This is an unpleasant surprise for both client and manufacturer that involves time and money.

By developing innovative transportation solutions that protect equipment against shock and vibration, Loggers enables clients to deliver the equipment in the same flawless condition it left the production facility. This proven transport solution has a track record in various market segments, where companies have to deliver their (highly) sensitive equipment undamaged and in working condition. Typical applications include packaging and crating solutions for lithography systems, medical equipment such as CT scanners and unmanned systems (UAVs).

All transportation enclosures are tailor-made to fulfill client requirements and are fully reusable. With their special coated wire rope isolators, Loggers even develops solutions  that meet the most strict requirements for use in clean rooms.

Coated Wire Rope Isolator

After thorough analysis of the client’s input data, the optimal enclosure for the equipment to be transported is determined. Within the solution, shock isolators of the highest quality are applied. With advanced simulation software, it is verified that the equipment does not exceed the maximum residual shock value in case of a collision or drop.

Our packaging solutions for sensitive equipment help organizations to lower both cost and their environmental footprint. The manufacturer saves the cost of on-site repair or recalibration. The end customer saves time as his new equipment can be used directly, while the environment is spared unnecessary transportation and the production of replacement items.