Rotating Equipment

Rotating equipment such as engines, generator sets and chillers are notorious vibration sources that negatively affect equipment and environment. These vibrations can lead amongst others to system failure, increase maintenance (costs) and worsen working & safety conditions.

Loggers’ portfolio contains cost-effective vibration solutions for all types of rotating equipment. With a proven track record, these solutions are renowned for their performance and value for money.

The combination of decades of experience and our proprietary VibrationLabTM software is the key to the optimal selection of vibration isolators for each specific application. Depending on the client’s requirements and situation, multiple scenarios for instance, roll and pitch movements are evaluated by this software and result in an accurate simulation of the system’s eventual behavior.

Through this thorough approach optimal isolation of vibrations from and to the system is achieved. The 6 degrees of freedom calculations and analysis of natural frequencies prevent resonance issues. The result: a hassle-free piece of equipment, improved working and safety conditions and lower maintenance cost.

Our high-quality vibration isolators and expansion joints are commonly applied in this solution. All components carry internationally recognized type approvals. The excellent product characteristics in combination with Loggers’ calculation, simulation and engineering skills provide our clients maximum relief. In order to stay focused on their core business, clients even outsource all vibration related activities to Loggers. As their partner in vibration control, Loggers’ specialist perform advanced simulations, manage type approvals and acceptance of the solution by the issuing customer or classification authority.

Evolo 600 Series
Expansion Joints