In order to fulfill longer term oil and gas demands, the offshore industry has become of great importance from both an economical as an environmental perspective. To keep operating in a safe and profitable manner, continuous technological innovation has become essential. With years of experience in the offshore industry Loggers proved her ability of pushing the scope of current technology in shock, vibration and noise control.

Higher productivity demands and the increased importance of regulation regarding health, safety and the environment (HSE) require that shock, vibration and noise are isolated. Offshore terminals and related equipment are negatively affected by shock and vibration caused by production activities and/or the equipment used. Harmful and annoying vibrations can travel free through the steel structure of the platform and can cause unforeseen damage or failure.

Working in close co-operation with the leading oil- and engineering companies Loggers has developed many innovative solutions for offshore platforms. Offshore solution development is challenging as products must be thoroughly designed, manufactured, tested and documented. The specialists of our Center Of Excellence prove to be able to meet those strict requirements time after time.

Offshore Solutions