Offshore Shock Pads

Every type of offshore platform has its own specific isolation challenges. Jack-up rigs are designed to move from one place to another after which they are anchored by deploying the legs to the ocean bottom. The platform is raised and lowered on the legs using a jacking system.

Due to the typical construction of offshore platforms, harmful and annoying shocks and vibrations can travel free through the steel structure. Higher productivity demands, the safety of personnel and the increased importance of offshore regulation such as NORSOK require that shock, vibration and noise are isolated.


Loggers shock pads are advanced rubber-metal parts engineered to safeguard the stability of the structure by taking up the enormous loads of the platform. Optional embedded load sensors keep track of the loads real-time and allow the operating crew to stay in control of the rig while jacking. The shock pad is easy to install, maintenance free and its lifetime can even be extended further due to the exchangeability of the load sensors.