Noise Control Services

Noise nuisance is a major concern of many employers worldwide. Prolonged exposure of personnel to this unwanted sound eventually leads to irritation, stress and loss of sleep. In its turn, this will have a negative effect on overall business performance as well. For the employer, determining the optimal noise isolation solution can be hard, as it requires specific knowledge of not only acoustics, but also the noise source itself. 

Loggers’ noise and vibration specialists assist clients with investigation of noise nuisance. Highly experienced in increasing comfort by decreasing noise levels, they develop solutions for the most notorious environments.

To ensure that noise is coped with effectively, the specialists of the Center of Excellence have a wide range of advanced calculation and simulation tools at hand. One of the main noise sources is rotating equipment. The unbalance in equipment causes vibration and noise. Where vibration typically propagates through structures only, noise travels freely through as air as well. Loggers’ noise experts will identify, analyze and isolate the source and its vicinity, after which acoustic countermeasures are considered.

Loggers portfolio contains market-specific noise solutions, such as our maritime solution for IMO Noise Code compliance. In addition, we also offer active noise cancellation technology, the Quiet BubbleTM by our strategic noise partner Silentium, which can be used for a wide range of applications. Regardless of the noise source, Loggers’ team of experts is able to help you to protect your personnel by reducing the noise level of exposure.