The New2C® rubber shock mount has been developed by Loggers to meet the most stringent requirements in shock and vibration isolation. New2C® has a soft elastic characteristic under shock deformation as well as a low natural frequency under normal vibration conditions. As a result, high levels of both shock and vibration isolation are achieved. Additionally, New2C® has the natural sound isolation qualities of an elastomer (rubber) element and is standard non-magnetic.

New2C® consists of a special rubber-to-metal structure with a special inner and outer form of the rubber cavity. The rubber parts are natural rubber, the metal parts are aluminum. It is suitable for frequency ranges from 5 Hz to 9 Hz. New2C® is absolutely maintenance-free and easy to incorporate in your design due to its small dimensions. Other ranges of load, permissive deformation and damping can be supplied upon customer requirements.


NATO Stock Numbers

All New2C® rubber shock mounts are registered under NATO Stock Numbers. Loggers’ CAGE code is H0040.

NSN Description Class
5340-12-335-2370 114101010 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 1 CL1 40 SH
5340-12-335-2371 114101020 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 2 CL2 45 SH
5340-12-335-2372 114101030 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 3 CL3 50 SH
5340-12-335-2373 114101040 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 4 CL4 55 SH
5340-12-335-2374 114101050 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 5 CL5 65 SH
5340-12-335-2375 114101060 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 6 CL6 70 SH
5340-12-333-6202 114101070 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 7 CL7 75 SH
5340-12-333-6203 114101080 SHOCK ISOLATOR TYPE N2C CLASS 8 CL8 90 SH spec.