Mission & Strategy

By providing our clients cost effective solutions for each problem in the area of shock, vibration and noise control combined with short delivery times Loggers contributes to the success of her clients.

Loggers’ vision is to be the best solution provider in the area of shock, vibration and noise isolation and to add value as a preferred supplier. Strategic partnership is being achieved by creative thinking, excellent engineering and manufacturing and complete support. Ambition and success are the key components of Loggers’ growth strategy, which is built on four strategic pillars:

Market knowledge

Loggers has the power to put innovative technology into the relevant business context of her clients.


Loggers offers a wide range of technical solutions and services throughout the entire life cycle: for new equipment, retrofits and conversions.


State-of-the-art technical know how, engineering skills and facilities ensure that every problem is solved.

Value Added Service

The total solution package meets the highest level of quality and service to exceed clients’ expectations.