Machinery can be characterized as an industry in which safe, continuous operation and reliability are of great importance. This asks for proven and durable solutions and a supplier that understands challenges in engineering. For decades Loggers delivers solutions worldwide to clients in the machinery industry of the highest level of quality in combination with short delivery times. 

Higher productivity demands, achievement of competitive advantages and compliance with working and safety regulation require vibration and noise control to be taken seriously. Harmful and annoying vibration and noise not only affect mechnical equipment, but also personnel and the environment. Loggers longstanding experience and engineering competence ensure that equipment is protected against the negative effect of vibration. For instance with our top-line EvoLo vibration mounts, that isolate all vibration sources your equipment, personnel and the environment are exposed to.

Based on in-depth six degrees of freedom calculations Loggers’ specialists engineer vibration solutions for amongst others engines, generator sets, pumps or high-end equipment. To achieve short time-to-market including quality assurance, clients even outsource all calculations, engineering, testing and certification to Loggers.

Machinery Solutions