When mounted rigidly, traditional exhaust gas lines are a common source of noise and vibration nuisance. The heavy steel piping allows vibrations to travel freely throughout the structure, which has a negative effect on working and living conditions. In addition, thermal expansion and contraction reduce the system’s lifetime significantly.

With the LEXSYS® solution family, Loggers is able to offer a cost-effective solution for exhaust gas systems for all types of engines and ships. In every solution our technologically advanced engineering skills and our experience in isolating vibration and noise are combined. All solutions share a proven track record in shipbuilding, offshore, defense and machinery. The LEXSYS® solution family consists of three solutions:

  • LEXSYS® (regular). The regular LEXSYS® system for flexible suspension of conventional exhaust gas systems.
  • LEXSYS®-modular. The lightweight, pre-insulated and easy-to-install modular exhaust gas system.
  • LEXSYS®-shock. The exhaust gas solution that offers additional protection against shock.

All LEXSYS® solutions ensure that thermal expansions and contractions are completely compensated within the exhaust line and the impact of engine caused vibrations and noise are minimized. To meet specific requirements, hybrid solutions of both regular and modular LEXSYS® solutions can also be engineered.



The regular LEXSYS solution for the elastic suspension of exhaust gas systems, that increases system lifetime and lowers maintenance cost significantly.



The innovative lightweight LEXSYS-modular solution, with pre-insulated, twin-wall components. The modular elements are easy to install, reducing labor cost of installation.



The exhaust gas system that offers excellent protection against shock, while minimizing the negative effects of noise and vibration on the working and living conditions on board.