With LEXSYS®, Loggers has set the standard for the flexible suspension of exhaust gas systems for engines and generator sets. For decades now, this cost-effective solution has proved itself time after time on hundreds of vessels, offshore rigs and industrial plants.

The elastic suspension of the exhaust gas system prevents vibration to travel through steel structures and emerge in locations causing noise and vibration nuisance. Additionally, LEXSYS® absorbs the thermal contraction and expansion of the exhaust pipe. These solution characteristics minimize fatigue effects, lower maintenance cost and increase lifetime and safety of the exhaust gas system.

During the engineering process of each specific exhaust gas system, Loggers’ specialists select the appropriate components and determine their optimal position in the design drawings. Double-ply stainless steel expansion joints, fixed and sliding points cope with thermal expansion and isolate vibrations. The combination of Loggers’ engineering craftsmanship, experience and high quality components lead to an optimal solution that increases both comfort and safety.