Leaf Spring Mounts

The Leaf Spring Mount (LSM), or X-mount, is a longer existing type of shock mount originally developed for the British Navy. It was primarily designed to protect ship borne equipment from underwater explosions, but has found a large number of applications in both military and civil use. The leaf spring mount is currently being replaced more and more by newly developed shock mounts, but is for some applications still the most (cost-)effective solution.

The basic design of a leaf spring mount uses two or more high-tensile stainless steel U-formed leaves, that together form an elliptical shape when joined together in the center with plates. The spaces between the U-formed leaves are filled with a special epoxy resin compound with an extremely low static stiffness.

The characteristics of the mount under shock load are determined by the chosen metal construction, while the efficiency of the damping is obtained by the epoxy resin. To improve sound isolation, Loggers offers a special version of the LSM with rubber inserts instead of nylon.

NATO Stock Numbers

All leaf spring mounts are registered under a NATO Stock Number (NSN). Loggers CAGE code is H0040. Please note that our portfolio is not limited to these items: other types and variations are also available.

X-type mounts

NSN Description
5340-99-520-8427 116001450 LSM FLAT-TYPE 450 KG
5340-99-520-8428 116001320 LSM FLAT-TYPE 320 KG
5340-99-520-8429 116001180 LSM FLAT-TYPE 180 KG
5340-99-923-5717 116001010 LSM FLAT-TYPE 010 KG
5340-99-923-5718 116001020 LSM FLAT-TYPE 020 KG
5340-99-923-5719 116001045 LSM FLAT-TYPE 045 KG
5340-99-923-5720 116001070 LSM FLAT-TYPE 070 KG
5340-99-923-5721 116001110 LSM FLAT-TYPE 110 KG


Y-type mounts

NSN Description
5340-99-778-9769 5340997789769 Y-Mount 010 kg
5340-99-778-9770 5340997789770 Y-Mount 020 kg
5340-99-778-9771 5340997789771 Y-Mount 045 kg
5340-99-778-9772 5340997789772 Y-Mount 070 kg
5340-99-778-9773 5340997789773 Y-Mount 110 kg
5340-99-778-9774 5340997789774 Y-Mount 180 kg
5340-99-778-9775 5340997789775 Y-Mount 320 kg
5340-99-778-9776 5340997789776 Y-Mount 450 kg