The J-mount is a cost effective solution for shock mount applications where alignment with other equipment or the vessel’s structure must not necessarily be maintained after the shock impact and where vibration and sound isolation are not required.

A J-mount, also known als a yielding strap, is a curved steel strap which is designed to yield at a in advanced determined load in any direction under a shock load. The J-mount is intended for one-time shock isolation only and must be replaced after being exposed to the impact of shock.

NATO Stock Numbers

All J-mounts are registered under NATO Stock Numbers (NSN). Loggers’ CAGE code is H0040. Please note that our portfolio is not limited to these items: other types and variations are also available.

NSN Description Metric type mountings
5340-99-533-2588 116100J1A J-MOUNT TYPE 1A / J4 YS-1-28 / 1A C/W L.P.
5340-99-533-2589 116100J2A J-MOUNT TYPE 2A / J5 YS-1-40 / 2A C/W L.P.
5340-99-533-2590 116100J3A J-MOUNT TYPE 3A / J6 YS-1-52 / 3A C/W L.P.
5340-99-533-2591 116100J1A J-MOUNT TYPE 4A / J7 YS-1-70 / 4A C/W L.P.
5340-99-533-2592 116100J5A J-MOUNT TYPE 5A / J8 YS-1-97 / 5A C/W L.P.
5340-99-533-2593 116100J6A J-MOUNT TYPE 6A / J9 YS-1-146/ 6A C/W L.P.
5340-99-539-6793 11610J01A J-MOUNT TYPE 01A / J3 YS-1-15 /01A C/W L.P.
5340-99-539-6794 11610J02A J-MOUNT TYPE 02A / J2 YS-1-7 /02A C/W L.P.
5340-99-539-6795 11610J03A J-MOUNT TYPE 03A / J1 YS-1-3-5/03A C/W L.P.
5340-17-050-5767 5340170505767 J-MOUNT TYPE YS2-3,5 YS2-3,5
5340-17-046-7269 5340170467269 J-MOUNT TYPE YS2-15 YS2-15
5340-17-109-1715 5340171091715 J-MOUNT TYPE YS2-28 YS2-28