Industrial Cranes

Many production companies are combining their office and production area in one building. Production facilities are often equipped with large and heavy equipment. Industrial cranes are used to lift heavy objects, such as raw materials or products. Due to the construction of the industrial cranes in the production hall, the noise and vibrations caused by the cranes often lead to nuisance in the office area of the building.

Noise and vibration are transferred through the structure of the building and emerge in offices and rooms where good working conditions are considered very important. This nuisance distracts office personnel and interferes with the communication. Loggers vibration specialist engineer specific solutions for industrial cranes, that protect personnel against the negative effects of noise and vibration.

The basic concept of the solution is relatively simple, but highly effective. The propagation path of vibration is being interrupted directly at the source. By decoupling the crane structure from the building, vibration can no longer travel freely throughout the building structure and reach office areas.

Industrial Cranes 1

However, the success of this approach strongly depends on the selection of the right vibration isolators. Loggers’ specialist of the Center of Excellence use the characteristics and properties of the crane as input for advanced six degrees of freedom calculations. By taking into account all relevant technical parameters, they then are able to select the optimal isolator from our Evolo 600 series. The result is a maintenance-free suspension system for the crane, that improves working conditions in office areas significantly.