High Deflection Mounts

High deflection mounts are rubber shock mounts with generic advantages. In addition to shock isolation these isolators also provide a high level of vibration and sound isolation. Loggers high deflection mounts are available in many different sizes and various characteristics and can therefore cover a wide range of applications, from mounting heavy equipment like engines and generator sets to electronic devices and sensitive equipment.

By using the same type of element but in different stiffness grades, it is possible to get a low natural frequency and still have enough permissive deformation left for protection against shocks. Rubber shock mounts that have a symmetric construction have the additional advantage of identical characteristics in all horizontal directions.

High Deflection Mount

Loggers high deflection mounts are produced by vulcanizing natural rubber on a metal part. Special non-magnetic versions as well as other rubber qualities are also available.

Loggers High Deflection Mounts Rubber