Floating Floor

Shock impacts endanger personnel, equipment, communications and facilities, impeding a fast response to the event. To cope with the effects of shock and ensure operation Loggers developed the floating floor concept for mission-critical areas vulnerable to shock, such as command and control rooms and areas with sensitive equipment.

The concept of a floating floor is based upon a central shock suspension of the floor as a whole instead of each application separately. As a result, less components are required that can be standardized to a single type. Depending on the shock requirements, leaf spring mounts, wire rope isolators or high deflection mounts are applied underneath the floor panels. Due to its suspension concept, the floating floor solution even allows lightweight systems and equipment to be protected against shock in an effective manner.

Loggers’ floating floors are successfully applied in mine hunters, frigates and submarines by navies worldwide.  Depending on the requirements of the client and situation, floating floors can be developed that are capable of isolating both shock and vibration.