Dutch ingenuity impresses Brazilian maritime leaders

The awareness among Brazilian captains of the maritime industry of how Dutch innovations can contribute to their business success has significantly increased over the last two months. On board of ThyssenKrupp´s latest addition to their fleet, the Veerhaven III, Loggers demonstrated an unique and patented air suspension system for towboats.

The innovations on the Veerhaven where considered very impressive and suitable for inland navigation in Brazil. This and other innovations aboard the Veerhaven are good examples of what the Holland Marine House Brazil (HMHB) and Loggers have to offer their Brazilian counterparts, but there is much more. For this reason the HMHB established a workgroup focusing on inland waterways: the Dutch Inland Vessel Collaboration. The Brazilian leaders responded positively to this initiative of joining forces to serve their companies better. During the Navalshore exhibition in Rio de Janeiro from 1-3 August, together the next steps will be taken to strengthen the Brazilian shipbuilding industry with Dutch ingenuity.

Read the full press release: Dutch and English.