Dredging has become an essential activity to cope with the higher energy consumption, increasing world trade and the impact climate change has on the world. Innovation is required to keep up with these global changes now and in the future. As a preferred supplier Loggers contributes to her clients’ drive for innovation with a market oriented organization.

Loggers understands that productivity and utilization of equipment are the most important business drivers in dredging. In combination with the increased focus on environmental aspects and more complex dredging projects this increases the importance of vibration and noise control. Noise and vibration caused by dredging activities have a major impact on the (electronic) systems, the crew, the environment and the ship itself. Based on our market knowledge and experience the solutions in our portfolio ensure that the business objectives productivity and utilization are not affected by vibration and noise.

By working closely with our clients and their contractors, Loggers adds value throughout the entire lifecycle of the dredging vessel. The solutions in our portfolio even allow dredging under the most strict international regulation.

Dredging Solutions