Constant Positioning Mount (CPM)

Sensitive equipment such as navigation and communications facilities in some cases require a rigid connection to the ship’s foundation and accurate repositioning after heavy shock impact. Loggers’ Center of Excellence developed the highly innovative constant positioning shock mount (CPMTM) as a solution to ensure flawless operation of high-precision applications during regular sea-going conditions as well as after being exposed to shock.

The innovative CPMTM has relatively small dimensions and the ability to reduce shocks from all directions. It provides highly accurate repositioning after the impact in both vertical and horizontal direction.

For the vibration excitation, the relative displacement of the equipment is zero and the CPMTM will behave rigidly. In case the shock excitation force is higher than a predefined value, the CPMTM will absorb the shock and the equipment will be positioned into its original position after the shock.


Each CPMTM  solution is completely tailored to meet specific requirements and military standards. For many navies worldwide Loggers delivered the CPMTM specifically according customer requirements based on shock inputs, allowed rest shock level, size and weight of equipment.