Active Noise Control: Quiet Bubble

Noise nuisance is a common problem in many industries, as it has a negative effect on people. Prolonged exposure to disturbing, unwanted noise not only affects comfort, but will eventually cause health issues. Noise isolation is often required to meet health and safety standards, but not always feasible. It sometimes poses challenges that can not be solved in a cost-effective manner by using conventional technology and so-called passive methods. Active noise isolation solutions however, use an innovative approach by cancelling out the disturbing noise with anti-noise.

By using the Quiet Bubble™ technology of our strategic partner Silentium it is possible to achieve a significant level of noise reduction in a limited, spatial area such as a headrest. The ambient noise of the environment is captured, processed and analyzed nearly real-time, after which anti-noise with an opposite phase is produced. The result is a quiet zone around the headrest, with noise reduction levels up to 10 dB(A).

Quiet Bubble™ technology can be embedded in various interior applications, such as seats in command and control rooms, railway carts and passenger cabins. Loggers in-depth market knowledge of the maritime and transportation industries and typical noise and vibration problems in these markets, allows both companies to develop the optimal active noise cancellation solution for these specific applications.